Syed Mutahir Mohiuddin

Syed Mutahir Mohiuddin

Director of MITT Academy & General Secretary of MI Education and Welfare Society.

Syed Mutahir Mohiuddin is one of the most admirable and finest Math coach. His Unique, simplest,and easy way of Math explaining strategies are Joy for the students.

He coach students through his * MY STUDY JOY* (belief that STUDIES is Joy full and Entertaining). With his mentoring even the weakest ever student has fallen in love with Math and learned Math concepts easily.

He is #1 to change the negative perception of the students to positive perception towards Math & Science .

He teaches with neutral accent of English language with lot of motivation. His motivation even changes the thought process of students in different areas like favorite subject and choosing career.

After working with lot of corporate level and many schools as Math teacher ( Coach) now he want to expand his Math Joy full learning and teaching concepts internationally. His aim is to bring transformation in Millions of students life’s as they change their desire and career based upon their performance in Math & Science.

Many change their desire and burn their dreams because of their low performance in Math and Science.

His 90 days challenge of Math complete preparation was great success. Where students enrolled as completely below average learners and were prepared to get distinctions without any burden.

He believes that Math is not just subject but it is the test of mental ability, and critical thinking making it very important life skill so every student must be comfortable with it.

He is all set to become the most simplifier of Math in the World and Making Math more Understandable and enjoying.